Astrology & Massage

What’s better than Massage? Massage and Astrology mixed in one big beautiful session. Why wouldn’t look at your blueprint to see how we can balance the complete you? This is a 2 hour authentic soul inspiring experience that combines the art (and intuition) of Massage with the your natal chart to align you with your authenticiy.  We combine whatever massage techniques your chart calls for in a deeply intuitive session including Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Thai Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Cranial work, Crystal Therapy, Swedish Massage, Hot stones and more.  We will look at your Sun, Moon and Rising as well as other things that pop out in your chart  to see what makes up the TRUE YOU.  I also love to cover the elements (Water Earth Air Fire) and see how we can bring balance for more optimal true health.  The combinations  between massage and astrology are endless! The work is amazing. Lets get after it! Health is wealth after all! 

JUST ASTRO: Do you want just an astro session and no massage? No problem. We can do a 45-60 minute long session in person here at the studio or via phone, whichever you prefer. 

*Prior to session, you will need to provide Date of Birth, 

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